switchToWindowTitle bug

Hello everyone;
switchToWindowTitle function takes too long to execute, it keeps switching between the two frames for more than 13 min !
i also tried to use “switchToWindowUrl” but i had the same problem i also tried to close the first window, but he keeps switching between to the second one.
Is there any way to put a timeout on the “switchToWindowTitle” test step ?



i am also facing same problem. is there any solution for this problem…??

thanks and regards,
Sanket Gharat.

Not 100% certain, but in project settings (not preferences) there is a tab for “execution” Clicking on it, there is a another tab called default. From there, you can adjust Element timeout, in seconds.

Also, in the same tab, there is a Web UI tab (just below), where you can adjust the Browser time out time. The default is 600 seconds.

i applied the two solutions but the problem still there :confused: , it keeps switching for about 13min


maybe it’s a bug in the function ?

hi all,

Alternatively i have tried

import java.awt.Robot as Robot

import java.awt.event.KeyEvent as KeyEvent


Robot r = new Robot()





by using this code i am able to perform operations on newly opened window (close window by “ctrl + W” keyboard buttons)

Make sure to import 1st two imports.

it works for me…

thanks and regards,
Sanket Gharat.

But that doesn’t fix the “Switch” Problem :confused: