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I have a problem to do automation testing. I want to use scrollToText in mobile Android aps, but the part of scrolling is different fragment with parent page. How can I switch fragment and apply the scrollToText in the element?

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  1. you will need to choose a Fragment Switch way:
  • If using AndroidX Navigation, leverage Katalon Studio’s built-in navigation keywords like “Navigate Back” or specific navigation commands based on your app’s implementation.
  • If the app uses custom logic for fragment transitions, you might need to identify and interact with the elements triggering the fragment switch. Use Katalon Studio’s Mobile Keywords like “Tap” or “Click” on the appropriate UI elements that initiate the fragment change.
  1. Verify Fragment Switch (Optional)
  • Consider adding a verification step to ensure the fragment has transitioned successfully. Use Katalon Studio’s Mobile Keywords like “Verify Element Is Present” to check for specific elements that appear only in the new fragment.

Then you can start use scrollToText for your element


// Navigate to the fragment that contains the scrollable content (if necessary)

// Optional verification (replace with your element locator)

// Find the scrollable container (replace with your element locator)
mobileElement = MobileKeywords.findElement(FindTestObject('ScrollableContainer'))

// Optional wait for element (adjust timeout as needed)
MobileKeywords.waitUntilNotStale(mobileElement, 5)

// Calculate scroll offset or use smaller swipes in a loop until target is visible
MobileKeywords.swipeVertical(mobileElement, 100) // Adjust swipe value as needed

// Verify target element is visible (replace with your element locator)

Thank you @Elly_Tran,

I have tried this code, but I got the same issue, the scroll feature doesn’t work yet…


Please help provide the error log or screenshot