Switch/Case in Manual View


One of my QA analysts brought something to my attention while working in manual view and trying to edit a switch/case statement. Within the switch statement, you are unable to move the cases around to re-order them. For example, they were trying to add more cases but they were bumping to the top of the switch statement and were unable to be moved. The switch statement itself and steps within the cases can be moved around however, it looks like it’s isolated to just the case statements. They were also unable to use the “Move Up/Down” buttons when trying to move them in this view.

I believe their machine is running Win10 with KS Version 6.2.2.

Any insight is appreciated-

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@Tyler_Prada They can move the statement / cases Manually in Script view. Its just like cut paste

I suppose if there will be no fix eventually for this, but I have tried to keep Katalon usage for my team as simple as possible.

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@Tyler_Prada You can consider this as a workaround for now.


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