Suite Test Fails



The test cases i made them with the web recorder and then changed a few things, since katalon was unable to replay the recording, and now im having this issue, if i try a single test case, the result is passed, however if i play a suite, some test cases failed.

Each test case has no modifications but for some reason when in a suite some fail, ive tried to add a few seconds in total between each action and nothing changed.

Anyone experienced it?




Hi @Gilead

It’s hard to diagnose why a compilation of test cases in a test suite may fail while individual test cases may succeed. Could you share with us the screenshots of the test cases that failed in a test suite but passed when run individually and the log file ? Devils are usually in the details.

Regards !



Unfortunately as is a test from work, all data is confidential.

Thanks Anyway.




At a bare minimum, if you could share the logs for the failure(s), it would give us a place to start. It (usually) doesn’t expose any confidential data.


I experience the same thing, sometimes the cycle can fail some tests for no reason at all, i i then replay the individual test and it passes fine. Next time i experience it i will post the error logs here


Hello, ive been able to solve it only by adding some steps just as wait for page to load and wait element visible.

Hope it helps.