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Operation process

  1. the definition value contains $in double quotation marks, including \ \ two slashes

for example: regex = “[\s\s]\s (flow total number) (${name}) [\s\s]*”

  1. add comment or adjust the comment position on the manual page

Operation results

\ \ in the value becomes , {} is deleted

for example: regex = “[\s\s]\s (flow total number) ($name) [\s\s]*”

Expected results

Adding or adjusting the comment position will not change the parameter value

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In Groovy language, string interpolation works only in a double quoted string.

def name = 'Alice'

assert "${name}" == 'Alice'   // -> pass, the double-quoted string "${name}" is interpolated to 'Alice'
assert '${name}' == 'Alice'   // -> fail, the single-quoted string '${name}' stays unchanged