Step to connect katalon test script to kobiton for iOS

I am trying to setup Katalon to run tests built within the tool and verified work on a local device to use the Kobiton platform. This is for iOS devices. I am trying on the iPhone 6 10.0.2.

It’s just a basic script to start the app and tap on a couple of buttons. However when I try to run I get an exception saying that “Name is null”.

I would also like to be able to run this from the command line, but not sure how to setup the desired capabilities options.

When I go into the “Build CMD” section it doesn’t have anything for Kobiton devices but had iOS section. This however only has the UDID for a local device and no options to select the remote system and settings needed.

If anyone has a step by step process to set the values to hook up kobiton to katalon, I would be grateful for the info!!!




That makes no sense, because ‘Kobiton Device’ is an option and they promote their interoperability as a benefit of using these together. If it is not an obvious solution then these two platforms have FAILED in the interoperability realm.

This should just WORK, select (x) and done. If you have an option to use platform (xyz) then selecting said option should JUST WORK! No ‘Remote’ configuration BS!

If you can’t give me a step 1 load test, step 2 select ‘Kobiton’, step 3 press run, then you have failed!!\

Can you post a sample of your script and which kobiton device you’ve chosen? What steps have you follow?
To execute this through console mode, you need to:

Get desired capabilities from Kobiton site and pass it to ‘Remote’ settings. To get desired capabilities and pass it in ‘Remote’ settings, you can refer to this topic:
Select ‘Remote’ option from ‘Build CMD’ form

‘Kobiton device’ option is now available for Test Suite Collection as well as in console mode execution, so you can use it in latest version 5.2

Hello All,
Option ‘Kobiton device’ is now available but when I click on that option it is showing error, When I run mobile automation test as individual it runs and allow me to select mobile device from the popup, However this popup doesn’t display in test suite. Can anybody please help me on that. BTW i am using latest version 5.4.1


You can try to use Command Builder to generate the command. (
Select “Run with Kobiton devices” and choose the phone you want.
My version is 5.4.1