Status, Performance graph are not displayed in the dashboard

Hi Katalon,

Could any one please help me on this issue…I have to present a Demo to the client along with analytics reports. I have few issues in analytics reports,

The graphs were temporarily taken down for some modifications and will be back in the next release. At this moment you can go to Test Suite page to see similar graphs.

Thanks Alex…I can able to view graphs but my data isn’t displayed in the graphs. I have a project with a test suite…even my suite isn’t displayed in the latest execution table and also duration column is missing. Please find the attached screenshot, as my suite has 2 test cases as still my total count showing as 0

Status and Performance charts still showing blank.

can some one help me on this…pls its very urgent

Hi @marrikantipraneeth,
What is the version of your in-use Katalon Studio? Can you see the report statistic on your Katalon Studio desktop version?

Hi @marrikantipraneeth,
Just to update, next week there will be a new version of KA that would fix this issue. Thank you for reporting!

Hi @marrikantipraneeth,

The charts are added back to the dashboard on Katalon Analytics Beta 0.18.0. Please use it with the latest Katalon Studio version 6.0.6, you can download it from here

Let us know if you still have issues with analytics report.


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