Start an app in a managed work profile in Android?

I’m trying to use a third-party Android app that can only be opened in a managed work profile - if you haven’t seen this, it’s created through Company Portal app which results in the phone having a Personal and a Work profile. Why do I want to test a third-party app? Because it runs our bespoke functionality.
The work profile is effectively inaccessible from personal profile.
I’m unable to access the app in the work profile - my first blocker is that I can’t find the app ID in order to run it. Am I missing something obvious here?
To find the ID I would normally run: adb shell pm list packages
However, I get the error:

java.lang.SecurityException: Shell does not have permission to access user 10

This is because I have two user profiles - 0 and 10 (unmanaged and managed).
If I specify adb shell pm list packages --user 0, I see all packages, but if I specify:
adb shell pm list packages --user 10 I again get the security exception above.
I’m unable to root the phone and unable to get root via adb (adb root).
Also, because it’s a managed app (and managed Play Store only lists managed apps), I can’t download any useful utility apps).

Anyone run a test of a third-party app in a managed work profile?

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Anyone with the experience of this please help!