SOAP bind Request message

i have used RESTFUL and json and successfullt bind the http body in test script

now i have SOAP API and xml (not http body but it is called Request message in Katalon), what is the syntax to use to replace the setBodyContent and HttpTextBodyContent ?

String xmldata= exceldata.toString()

//call the object and post the above data as SOAP request message
def item= ((findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Web Service Request/soaptest/genericProductUpdate’)) as RequestObject)

item.setBodyContent(new HttpTextBodyContent(xmldata))

this is the object repo for SOAP (754 Bytes)

Hi @Gan_Jyi_Yng,
Please use item.setSoapBody(xmldata)

thank you.
where can i find the refrence dictionary ? i try search in the ref doc page but could not get any hint

Hi @Gan_Jyi_Yng,
Have you search for RequestObject class in the javadoc page?

got it. i was searching at main page earlier.