Smart Wait not active on Edge Chromium

The doc says Smart Wait is only available on Chrome and Firefox:

Will Smart Wait also work on the new Edge Chromium browser?
I’ve seen some forum notes that indicate “yes”.
I also see the Smart Wait extension files under \configuration\resources\extensions\Edge Chromium.

But when I execute a web test in Edge, there is no sign of Smart Wait in Edge extension details or in the Katalon logs.
I don’t have this problem in Google Chrome.
And I didn’t have a problem installing the Katalon Recorder extension in Edge.

Maybe something in my corporate environment is interfering when Katalon tries to install the SW extension at the beginning of test execution?

Hi everyone,

We have an update on this in v8.2.0 recently, Smart Wait is now also on Edge Chromium

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try out version 8.2.0 (stable).