Set timeout isn’t working. It can’t over 30000ms

Hello, I am using Katalon Recorder. I already set time out 100000 but when process a command waitforvisable always received [error] Timed out after 30000ms.
How can I solve it?

  • One more, Firefox can upload file on Katalon Recoder?

@kazurayam I think you are not getting the issue right. vuongfunny isnt using katalon Studio, he/she is using Katalon Recorder. So this wont help.

But still @vuongfunny, could you maybe think of recording your test case once more and put in some work to get it running with Katalon Studio application, it’s free and you can do a lot more than with Katalon Recorder.

And i think if you search for Upload File you’ll find some people having problems with Firefox and uploading files so i dont know if there is a way right now…

Ah, yes. I wasn’t careful enough.

Thank you so much. I don’t code Katalon Studio, I am using katalon recorder, it make easier.

@vuongfunny sorry i dont have the time for further investigation, but if you can find any solution please post a link or similar to the solution in this post so other people with the same issue can see it here too

waitForVisible in recorder does not have timeout value:
so you will need to implement cycle (e.g. for) to wait more than predefined time

Thank you. I tried to fix it, but got same issue. It isn’t work