Send HTTP Header directly via Navigate to URL on Test Case


Can anyone tell me how can i navigate to a url and also send some data like http header to the url request directly? In other word, can I set http header before navigate to a url in WEB UI (not WEB Service) test case?

Is there some attribute data i can set up first before using keyword Navigate to URL?


AFAIK this is not possible.

Is this still a no go? It would be rather useful. i.e. I’m not sure we can use katalon without this feature.

Thanks from down under.

Duplicating to:

Thanks. I’m amazed there’s no current answer to this. Oh, well, such is life.

I really like katalon, and have spent quite a bit of time studying it. It seems so much easier than other similar things e,g. selenium.

I just hope that this isn’t the dealbreaker that means we have to look elsewhere.

And yes, we’re happy to pay for support if we can get past this challenge. To pay to actually get past this. Is there a way to pay for a single question to be answered? I’ve not been able to find that option.

The joys of Catch 22 :slight_smile:


You don’t need to pay any money for replies in this User Forum.

You want Katalon Studio to work with Selenium 4 with Chrome DevTool Protocol fully supported.

Katalon team once tried Selenium 4 support at the 8.2.1-alpha as the following post tells

I found the 8.2.1-alpha unsatisfactory, not ready for productional use. But they showed us their intent toward Selenium 4.

I suppose that it is a difficult task for Katalon developers to move KS from Selenium 3 to 4. There are some backward incompatible changes in the API of Selenium4. Therefore I guess that it is very difficult to make sure users’ projects developed using Selenium3 are operational with Selenium4. I guess users need to do some migration over their projects. For example, any custom setups and codes that uses DesiredCapabilities would not work on top of Selenium 4, as DesiredCapabilities class are deprecated.

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Yes, this kind of upgrade is always challenging.

I hope somehow I can find a solution to this, as I’d love to keep using katalon.