Selenium Grid runs the test case in headless mode jenkins

Hi All,
I am running my test cases over selenium grid via jenkins but when I execute the test cases in Jenkins it runs in headlessmode.
Anyone have idea about it.

Via Jenkins, it is run with headless mode by default. You can specify the paramter ’ -browserType=Chrome’ to execute with normal Chrome.

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I have specified -browserType=firefox still the output comes in headless only and also it is not showing the recording of the test cases as Browser type in report showing firefox 64.0 instead of Firefox 64.0(headless)

could you copy the whole cmd line that you use? Firefox may be

You might need to add the -browserType=Chrome param

This is my node
java -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver="/opt/Katalon_Studio/configuration/resources/drivers/firefox_linux64/geckodriver" -jar “/opt/Katalon_Studio/configuration/resources/lib/selenium-server-standalone-3.7.1.jar” -timeout 60000 -role webdriver -hub http://localhost:4444/grid/register/ -port 4747 -browser browserName=firefox

Please censor your configuration data, especially hub URL.


I deleted your posts since it contained personal information.

How did you know this?

As there is no Video recorded and as I am using robot class to open new window and SwitchWindow index , but these are not working with error unable to switch window index 1.

Please see this similar Jenkins issue: