Selecting Dynamic Checkbox from List containing checkboxes as Radiogroup items

We have a mobile application built in Ionic which uses a
list. The list contain elements that contain a checkbox and associated text.

I have tried to use the Test Object Input to set the value:

Property tried: nth-child, child, index, id, instance.

Object Properties of checkbox:

Object Code from Chrome for first item only:

<ion-list radio-group=“” role**=“radiogroup” class=“list list-md”>** <ion-item class=“item item-block item-md item-checkbox”><ion-checkbox class=“checkbox checkbox-md” ng**-reflect-checked=“false”><div class=“checkbox-icon”><div class=“checkbox-inner”></div></div><button class=“item-cover disable-hover item-cover-md item-cover-default item-cover-default-md” ion-button=“item-cover” role=“checkbox” type=“button” id=“checkbox-14-0” aria-checked=“false” aria-labelledby=“lbl-14” aria-disabled=“false”><span class=“button-inner”>** </span><div class=“button-effect”></div></button></ion-checkbox><div class=“item-inner”><div class=“input-wrapper”><ion-label class=“patient-info label label-md” id**=“lbl-14”>** 07**,** test 07 <span class=“medical-number”> 000001759**</span>** <span class=“status” style**=“color: rgb(0, 153, 0);”>** Admitted </span> **</ion-label><!–bindings={
“ng-reflect-ng-if”: “false”

The problem:

Determine how many items are displayed.

Verify the patient data

Select one to many checkbox(es) based on the text.

Is there an example somewhere that I have missed on working
with Dynamic Mobile content like this. Most of our application will be working
in this fashion. Any suggestions or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

We are trying to use Manual mode for our tester to create the steps and have automation focus on customization and issues.

Thank you,