Selecting DOM elements using wildcards in Katalon Recorder

I am aware that Katalon Studio supports the ability to do this (there are plenty of examples I can find here on the web demonstrating this), but I am looking for a way to use wildcards to be able to select a DOM element with Katalon Recorder.

The examples that I have found on the web do not ever appear to work for me with Katalon Recorder 3.5.7 (using Chrome 66).

It is a really important feature for me that I used to regularly use in my previous browser-based web automation tool, as sometimes the XPath is too specific to be easily maintainable (so if the page structure changes, it could easily break it).

So it would be highly beneficial to be able to use parameters such as:

or "

Plus the other examples listed as well here would also be very useful:


Still hoping to get an answer to this one.

Other XPath selectors that I’ve tried have worked, but wildcards currently do not for me, so I would like to know if it is actually possible with KAR, as it is currently possible in Katalon Studio (and a rival automation tool).