Search and get Value from Web Formular

Hello everyone,
I unfortunately can not program and use the KatalonRecorder for testing. However, I need your support here and there.
I have managed to have data read from an excel spreadsheet and written to an online form and submit the form. Now I have to read a value from this excel table, enter it in the form and copy the result back into the excel table i.e. into the CSV file in a certain column in the corresponding row. Example:
File number | Case_ID

and so on. The file number is available, the corresponding case ID is to be determined on the page using the search button and then copied into the corresponding line. Can you help me please?


Adem Akyüz

Katalon Recorder includes the following script which shows you how to save data into a CSV file, but it won’t let you save it to a specific row or column, it’ll just add it to the end of the file

To load the data it from the CSV file you have more controls by comparison.

“loadVars” allows you to open the CSV file and extract data (by row names) one line at a time.

“storeCsv” allows you to open the CSV file and fetch data from a specific line and specific row, by comparison (which you can then use with while / endwhile loops, to run through things).

If you search on the forum, or just use the built-in ‘Reference’ tab in Katalon Recorder, it will show you how to use these commands, too.