Scrolling within browser element

I am trying to scroll to an element within a browser element. On my webpage, I have a list of venues and I need to scroll and select an item which is not visible on venue list when I click on dropdown arrow. To select it, I need to scroll to particular element and the click select. How should I do that? I tried with ScrollToElement and SelectByValue for drop down but none of them worked.
Any suggestions how would I achieve it?

Is your target URL a public one on the Internet? If yes, please share the URL.

If your URL is private one, and it can not be shared, I am afraid your question is very difficult to answer.

It really matters how the HTML of your target URL is coded. Without having the target HTML in hand I can not see how “scrolling” works.

I addition to what @kazurayam said, you should be aware that all the* APIs only work with HTML <option> elements inside <select> elements. If your dropdown is made from something else (<div>, <ul>, etc) you need to find another way.