Scrolling to bottom of page

Im using the chrome plugin
Say I want to go to my instagram and scroll to the bottom of the list. How would this be accomplished? I go to my page, I click my followers, and then a pop upcomes up, how do I get the plugin to continuously scroll?

I have tried iMacros but after a number of scrolls using the end page or page down button commands it stops scrolling, so I need something that will automate the actual scrolling of the page as if I were scrolling it myself

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You can try using sendKeys command and then pressing the “end key” ${KEY_END} (not sure why, but it does not work for me) or ${KEY_PGDN} multiple times. Page Down solution works fine for me.

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You can also use “runScript” command to execute the JavaScript window.scrollTo function (

runScript | window.scrollTo(x, y)

Also you can scroll to position.
It is works for me.

WebUI.scrollToPosition(9999999, 9999999)

Thanks for the tip - worked like a charm!

Doesn’t work on Li

You can also use WebUI.scrollToElement and scroll to a footer of the page

i tried this;
WebUI.scrollToPosition(612, 250)
the highlighted chart is the only picture i want to take screenshot

Below tutorial explains how to use java script code and how to go to bottom of web page in Katalon studio