Scrolling text in a popup box on a web page


I have a web page that displays a pop up box with text in it. I want to scroll the text in the text pop then I can click on accept in the text popup. how do I do that? can I use scroll to position (999999,99999)?
this does not work since it is for a webpage. How do I do that same for a pop up text box scroll to the bottom of a text pop up box?



Hi Waiki,

Can u show the Image of popup box and Error Message which you got …??


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I have attached the popup
text area:

accept button:

if I want to scroll the text area to bottom with scroll to position is that possible?

I figure it out with a video on scrolling with mouse over , click element and scroll to element

ok great …so issue resolved now .

yes. I use mouseover scroll to element and the element is value inside the text box.