Scroll to element not scrolling to actual element


I’m currently testing my company’s website using Katalon. When the browser is running in desktop size, Katalon will scroll to a product item in a list, when in tablet or mobile size, it doesn’t scroll to the element, and the click() statement then fails.

The test I’m running does the following type “bag” into the search bar, click “search”, click on the “add to basket” button for this product:

Vax Vacuum Cleaner Multifunction Bag and Filter Maintenance Kit

The scroll to element statement should scroll to that “add to basket” button, instead, it ends up off the screen, and the click statement fails.

Any help would be appreciative.

This sounds like a CSS responsive layout issue but with such limited information it’s hard to be certain. Follow the advice here:

Hello Davie_Elliot,

I am facing the same issue with scrolToElement method. It scroll page with specified Element to top and then this element is overlapped with header. Does anybody has a solution ?