Schroll to Text on Katalon Web

If in Katalon Mobile, we use schroll to text.

But in Katalon Web action does not exist.

How, when we create something, and after creating it, it will redirect to the object list. For example, the Employee list, there are 1000 employes, and we have to schroll until the new Employee ID we create is found.

How do we not need to create a new object with text ID employee, because if there are 1000 employees, we will have too many objects id Employee.

if this is one big table, just define object that points to object with this new Employee ID, then use scrollToElement()

Hence Scroll To Text Method is not supported yet in Katalon web.

I Implemented following solution :

1- you need to use Custom Keywords .

2- Create this Object at Object Repository ‘Object Repository/Others/textScrollTo’

3- Create Scroll Until element present Method as below :

def ScrollToText(String TextToScrollTo) {

	TestObject newTextObject = WebUI.modifyObjectProperty(findTestObject('Object Repository/Others/textScrollTo'), 'text', 'equals', TextToScrollTo, true)

	WebUI.scrollToElement(newTextObject , 0)

4- Now back to your script and use above method as below :


5-Now you have your own ScrollToText Method .

Hopes this will help .

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