Running feature file from test case - error - file not found

Hi all,

Just having an issue with running a feature file from a test case, the reason I want to do this is to then be able to run the feature file as part of a test suite.

As you can see in the screenshot, it notes that the file or directory is not found, however in the second screenshot you can see the file is there, the path is the same I’ve just blocked out my username in the path.

I’ve tried this with Katalon v6.2.0 and the latest beta version v6.3.0 and have the same error both times, I cannot find this exact issue anywhere else, so thought I’d create a post to see if anyone else has come across this or if it is a bug.

Many thanks,

it might be because of the spaces in the path ‘Katalon studio’ , try putting it somewhere with no spaces in the name for example here(C:\Users\YourUserName)

I’ve resolved this not being able to run and managed to get back to the relative safety of a known release build (6.2.0), what I’ve done shouldn’t have fixed this issue thinking about it as all I’ve done is try and recover my include/script within a package…

Anyway in case this has resolved the issue, I had another issue as mentioned above about loosing the ability to see my Include scripts within a package. To fix this I moved the files up a level in to the com.ea folder (C:\Users\USERNAME\Katalon Studio\TrakaDemo\bin\groovy\com\ea) and deleted the steps folder that they were in, changed the package within the script to just com.ea and re-glued the steps within the feature file.

I had to restart Katalon after changing the file locations etc. before then correcting the package in the script and the re-gluing (re-calculate steps).

Now only have to work out why the feature file is running, but within .5 of a second is showing as passed when it hasn’t even tried to run any of the script.

Thanks for the response @yoyox98