Running Extensions & counting objects


I have 2 questions:

1.Is it possible to run the browser with extensions?

2.How can I get a count of the object occurrences on the screen? (Like we do with java - driver.findElements(By.className(“abc”)).size() )

Thank you!

  1. ‘To run browser with extensions’ is a feature we are implementing in future releases. Currently, Katalon Studio supports you the ability to define browser settings, which is known as desired capabilities in term of Selenium web driver. However, there are many steps beyond it and they are varied for different browsers. So in future releases, there will be a better support for it.

  2. Your example of retrieving object occurrences on the screen will also work properly on Katalon Studio as well.


Hello, it been a while since these questions came up, i wonder what the status is on the first question, because i need modified header and use a (manual) plugin for it.

is now possible to run browser with extensions?