Run test suite in Jenkins

I just started studying Jenkins and tried to run test suites at Katalon Studio.
I created a new job that I added to the build “Execute Windows batch command” with the command generated by Katalon Studio, but the test did not run and I received this console:

Please tell me how I can do it successfully tests from Katalon Studio?

You want to execute katalon.exe rather than katalon

I’m sorry, but I do not quite understand. Probably because I’m a beginner in this. Can you please explain why I’m not doing well?
I need to run tests at katalon studio in Jenkins.

@Valeria_Ciobanu you have to edit and provide the full path to katalon.exe (where is katalon installed in your jenkins machine?) in the generated command. looking at the log you posted, note that your current folder is somewhere in the jenkins workspace, so you have to provide the absolute path to katalon binary

thank you very much