Reusable object repository for webservice

Hi Team,

We have each object repository folder for each test case. whereas same api object repository has duplicated for multiples by various parameterization.

There was a change which requesting to update all the 150+ test cases, is there any better way to have one object repository? and pass different set of request samples.

Only problem is that how to make the request message dynamic???


Hi @Udaya

You can parameterize a Web Service object

Have you tried this yet ? Or do you seek another kind of parameterization ?


This might be interesting for you:

I have parameterized the variables and data has been passed from data files.

Let say that API accepts 100 variables,
Test case 1 requires only 75 and
Test case 2 requires only 50 of them.

How do i control this??

I uses parasoft extensively, there is an option enabling that doesn’t sends the element when parameterized data source string is empty.