Response headers testing

I am just starting with Katalon and I have a simple test case with WebUI, that opens a browser, goes to a webpage and I would like to get the response headers and check them if they are set properly.
For exampe I would like to see if a certain header is present, or check if the value is in a certain range or if I have duplicate headers. I was doing these things quite easy in Postman, but here I do not understand exactly if they are predefined methods for this or if I can code it somehow. I would appreaciate a small example that I can build upon.


since browser is basically firing HTTP GET request for any page you should be able to implement REST call to get home page of your app and in *edited thanx @valentin.constantine


you should be able to find anything you need. i tryied that on my app, unfortunately i’m getting 401 (becouse of sso implemented in our corp.)
second option is to implement proxy that will observe all communication and analyze that. i’m using:
in my project to steal cookie…

hi Andrej,
I do not see any method getHeaders in the docs. I found a getHeadersFields() in ResponseObject class. Is this what you recommend?

yes that’s the one … sorry for confusion … i’ll edit my response to not confuse others