Rerun Tool for Katalon Studio

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Im using this in katalon studio v6.3.3, it is not working as expected.
I followed the steps mentioned in katalon store, i installed plugin and also reloaded in katalon studio and selected the respective checkbox. Still it does not create the new suite with failed test case.

Okay, so it is working with test cases having single data file.

Hi Good Morning, I used this plugin and executed test suite which has 2 Test cases (1 test case failed, another one passed) and also used and tried test case with binding test data file. (2 rows in Data binding for a test case). Both the cases no test suite created after execution. I used Katalon 7 version. Did i miss anything here. The following information(Plugin Usage) is getting displayed When I check Event log.

Latest plugins responses: [{“id”:102829,“status”:1,“expiration_date”:null,“created_at”:“2020-04-15T14:24:23.070Z”,
:false,“user_id”:18927,“bundled_plugin_id”:null,“product”:{“id”:126,“plugin_id”:null,“name”:“Rerun Tool for Katalon
Studio”,“description”:“This plugin uses for creating new Test Suite contained all failed test case from the previous run.
This plugin can be used for case Data Binding with 1 Test Data file. Use for Katalon Studio version 6.1.0 or later.”,“logo”:
“overview”:“Overview\r\nThis plugin uses for creating new Test Suite contained all failed test case from th:02.580Z”,
"updated_ae previous run.
\r\nThis plugin can be used for case Data Binding with 1 Test Data file.\r\n\r\nHow to use
(Katalon Studio version 6.1.0 or later)\r\n\r\n1.Close Katalon app and copy plugin file to Plugin folder of your project.
\r\n\r\n2.Open project again. Check in Project Settings to make sure Create Suite plugin is imported into your project.
\r\n\r\n<img src=“” width=“650”>\r\n\r\n\r\n3.
Run any existing test suite. After running, new test suite will be generated with all failed test cases in the previous run.
Now you can re-run this suite at any time you want.\r\n\r\n<img src=” width=“650”>\r\n\r\nWith case data binding with test data,
new test suite with be generated with the failed rows in test data.\r\n\r\n<img src=” width=“650”>\r\n\r\nAfter running,
console will print out name of new test suite. With case data binding, console will print the failed rows in test data.
\r\n\r\n<img src=“” width=“650”>\r\n\r\nNote:
If all test cases in test suite are failed/passed, no new suite will be generated.
\r\n\r\nIf you don’t want to
create suite after running, just uncheck Create Suite checkbox in Project Setting.\r\n\r\n<img src=” width=“650”>\r\n\r\nThis
plugin also generates a batch file with name = Test Suite name + “_FailedTCUpdated.bat” at the same folder with test suite
file. And testSuitePath will be updated with the newly created suite name. You can create new Jenkins job with this batch file.
\r\n\r\n<img src=“” width=“650”>\r\n\r\nJenkin job:
\r\n\r\n<img src=“” width=“650”>\r\n\r\n
Check this option if you want to delete the suite created by this plugin after running\r\n\r\n<img src=\