RequestMapping Annotation in Spring

Hello Everyone, Can anyone suggest me about @RequestMapping annotation? Actually, I am preparing some topics for the spring interview and I have doubts to understand the process and level of @RequestMapping annotation. If anyone knows please elaborate me.

this may help:

simplified, is a quick way to create RESTfull API’s in an MVC fashion (although it can be used to implement web pages requests too)

some other examples here:

I assume you are already familiar with the MVC architecture …

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Side note: this forum is not about teaching java, groovy, spring, python and so on, altough those fields may be conected somehow with katalon.
I made an exception this time to look into it

Cc @Russ_Thomas

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It happens. For what it’s worth, I try to teach a fair amount of “good practice” with the intention to help people construct better tests and improve their overall approach.

I totally agree, if we are able to put users on the right path i am more than happy

Strictly, I guess we need a new forum category:

Coding > General Discussions


Non-Katalon > Coding

Or something…

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You can understand this from this article:

And for more spring interview questions, you can follow our blog post.

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