ReportName - DateTimestamp

Still new to Katalon.
The Basic Report Plugin is now ‘built-in’ from v7 onwards.
I am looking to hook the Name of the report for integration with a local system.
The report folder is written immediately the test suite is executed and is a date timestamp.
However, this datetimestamp does not match the 1st entry on the LogViewer.

Is this information recorded anywhere within Katalon ?

You can retrieve the report folder name by calling RunConfiguration.getReportFolder() method after the TestSuite finished.

Possibly you would want to call it in a @AfterTestSuite-annotated method in a TestListener

Thanks - managed to extract the folder name
Anyone know if there is a way to trigger a listener once the report has been written ?

I do not think there is such a trigger implemented in Katalon Studio.

But, in a @BeforeTestSuite-annotated method in a TestListener, RunConfiguration.getReportFolder() returns a valid folder name. Please check it yourself. It is early enough for you to use that information, isn’t it?

Yes - but I was hoping to use it to copy the final report to another location.
Have now written a convoluted external script that will copy reports out where I want them.
Thanks for your help

All I can think of … You want a Test Suite Collection X which contains 2 Test Suites: A and B. A and B shall be executed sequentially. The Test Suite A executes your application and produces a report. You want to copy the report of A to another location. When B started, the report of A is surely there. So B will have enough chance to copy the report.

If you are using Katalon Runtime Engine (Commandline Mode), you can specify the location of Reports. This means, you can tell Katalon Studio to write the report into the location outside the project.