Report results of tests via Rest API to Squash


In our company, we use squash TM for the test cases redaction.

I tried Katalon and it is very suitable to me, but there is no connection or plugin to communicate with squash.

I found that Katalon communicate with Jenkins, Squash Communicate with Jenkins also.

This is scenario: I create a test suite in Katalon and I execute it from Jenkins(let’s call it Build1).
1 - So my first question does anyone have an idea if it is possible, to assign test results from Build1 to squash directly?

2- If not possible is there any way to send tests results from katalon directly via Rest API, because Squash proposes a Rest Api to call its services.

In worst cases, I thought to do it programmatically: Create a test suite listenter in katalon that extract the test cases names and results and send it via the package HttpBuilder of groovy as POST request to Squash server.

If you any idea on how to link Katalon to Squash. I will be very happy because I need it a lot.

Thanks & Best Regards

as long as squash (first time i heard about) have a rest api, you can send whatever you like from kstalon.
so, what is the request? how to make rest api cals from katalon or how squash is working?

Yes Squash proposes a Rest API (, It can communicate with squash database and do some stuff there like changing the tests results directly

I want to automate the test cases execution in our company, So After the test execution results should be directlt assigned to right one on squash.

I have found this ( to be used in jenkins but I don’t know how to use it yet.

In this days I’m confused on how to perform this task of automation, but really Katalon helped me a lot to automate tests execution and I want to defend this tool regarding my manager.

so this is the scope.


so,ask the squash guys what rest api you need, and set them in katalon. at test case level, at listeners level … feel free to use your imagination

Thank you @Ibus