Report or alert from visual testing


so recently we’ve taken some time with Katalon visual testing. It works quite well, we’re still experimenting with the different options.

My question/request is : is there a way to get a more active way of being alerted on unresolved or failed tests ? Like the testing reports mails ? Something on the dashboard or the test runs report page ?

Typically we’re looking at the Reports / Test Runs page to overview the latest batch of tests, but there’s no indicator about visual testing. So we’ve got to enter each test run to see on the top right this little text about the visual testing status.

Or we’ve got to go to the reports / visual testing to get the whole visual testing picture. As there’s no alert here or on the dashboard or anywhere else, I fear we can miss an error for some times.

Am I missing something ?



Thank you for sharing your concern.

Can you please try to config testing report via email from TestOps as the following: I also believe that you can view the TestOps dashboard like this: TestOps dashboard overview | Katalon Docs. Hope this can work. Thank you!

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