Report.html Test Log displays wrong End and Elapsed time


Im not too sure if anyone else has this problem or just me, but the end and elapsed time displayed at the top of the report.html Test Log is wrong.

Iv noticed that between 4-5 hours is the most time displayed as elapsed in the Test Log, and am missing an hour / hour and half. The end time is incorrect too, however the test cases are tracked and displayed right to the very end of the test suite.

So, for every time i report how long a test suite took i find the difference between when the first test case started and last test case ended, when i should be able to use the Test Log elapsed value.

The test suite averages about 6 hours to 7 hours depending on network latency, database calls etc, is there a limit Katalon has with tracking time in Test Logs?


I believe you are the first and only one who are concerned about it.

Do you have the TestOps integration ON?

If you turn it OFF, what happens? Do you still miss an hour and half?

Hi @kazurayam apologies i never followed up on this, i have just enabled TestOps integration as have never tried it. I will run the tests this evening and see if any difference.


I dont believe this made a difference after reviewing the test report, but can see some information in TestOps which is useful.