Reading SMTP or IMAP via Katalon


Our company website uses an email account with They provide us with a Single sign-on (SSO) email account with a special username/password. We can login to their system in order to test our product’s functionality of sending out emails to custoemrs/clients. We were always able to login both manually and through Katalon’s automated scripts. However, recently godaddy has started blocking 3rd party software like Katalon from accessing their website, though manuall access still works. This breaks our testing.

I spoke to our System Administrator and he said to ask if Katalon permits reading SMTP or IMAP via katalon. Is this possible? I did some searching and all I can find is Katalon’s functionality of sending reports to emails, but this isn’t what I want.


Directly, no. Perhaps/Maybe/If you’re lucky and clever, you might be able to coerce WS into reading “something”. But better than that…

You can read imap using Groovy/Java, if you’re willing to write the code. This is the shortest snippet I found while searching:

Thank you.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that would help me. We need to actually access the inbox and see and interact with the emails as one would through a web UI.

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Would it make sense to add IMAP APIs to Katalon?

Moving to Feature requests

I am not sure on this matter. @Ilya_Novak Are you using an enterprise version or a runtime engine, If you do you can submit a Zendesk ticket where we have dedicated resources to address specific issues like this.

I am able to connect to IMAP through the Java library provided by Russ_Thomas.

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