Publishing reports back to Jenkins

Can we publish test execution reports back to Jenkins?

Is there support for this (i.e. plugin for jenkins?) or we can only schedule test execution and read the console output?

We need to be able to see dashboards and trending of the execution.




It looks like in the next version (4.7.0) option will be to save reports as junit report so we could use already existing jenkins plugins for that. (and it looks like it will be coming out very soon :slight_smile: within days…)

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Do we have any update on this issue?

I am able to attach the reports folder, but since the next level is a timestamp, I am unable to link the Jenkins build to the Report.html file.

Please advise at your soonest convenience.

Do you have any updates yet?

There is no solution for now. Katalon Studio will support this in later releases or having this as a part of Katalon Studio integration.


I just post this comment to follow this topic. I’m also very interested in Jenkins-generated reports.

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This is an interesting topic. Katalon Studio doesn’t have any Jenkins plugin to do this. I will see if we can utilize existing Jenkins plugins to do this.