Professional level certification not sync up for 3 days

Hi everyone, I have a little concern about these 2 requirements for this certification:

  • Create test scripts using Katalon StudioAssist (AI): 0/10
  • Run dynamic test suite executions: 0/3
    The tool not count even only one time for each part
    Here is the steps I produce for this:
  1. Create new test case
  2. Paste the comment block and highlight it
  3. Click Generate code in Studio Assist or shortcut keys: CTRL+ALT+C as below picture:

    I have done it for several days and multiple testcases has been created as above picture

For the second requirements:

  1. Create new Dynamic Test Suite
  2. Add testcases and execute

Even though how many I run, the tool still not sync up the data for my certification. Please tell me what step I did wrong. I need to complete the course by 7/7/24

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hi Vy, :wave:

Thank you for sharing with us about your experience with the Certifications program.

@viet.nguyen from our Academy team is currently out of office and will be back next Monday to look into your issue and assist you further. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Hi @vyph6,

Can I ask for your email please? I will ask other members to support you while @viet.nguyen is ooo. Hope this can help

Hi there @vyph6, could you send me a recording of the steps you take to meet each requirement (you can send directly here or via private message)?

For StudioAssist, don’t use shortcuts. Try to click on the button Generate code or Explain code.

My email is @Elly_Tran
The steps I do for each one just like the steps on the main thread, I do not only use shortcut, I use everything to do but the certification just not count for only one time


Could you send me the screenshots of the dynamic test suite execution results?

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This is for example, I have run lots of testcases but I discarded for not commiting on Git, I only kept some reports:

Or this is the reports that I run on Katalon Studio and sync up to TestOps:

What I highlight is the test suite which I created by Dynamic Test Suite in Katalon Studio

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The StudioAssist requirement has been updated. Let me investigate the remaining one.

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Thanks a lot and sorry for interrupting while you are out. Let me know if you need any further information

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Hi @vyph6. We’re updating the requirement of dynamic test suite executions. That said, we remove such for now so that this won’t disturb/delay your certification journey. You should get your Professional Certification by now. Congrats!!!

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