[Product Launch] Meet Our New Product - Katalon TestOps Core

Katalon TestOps Core Introduction

Dear Katalon users,

Thank you for supporting Katalon TestOps through the beta! We’re excited to announce the new version of TestOps, officially released today!

In this TestOps Core 1.0 - totally free, we go beyond the analytics function to offer you a powerful and comprehensive test orchestration platform:

  • Centralized command centers for Test Management
  • Smart scheduler for prioritizing tests for Test Planning
  • Seamless integration with different platforms for Test Execution
  • Advanced reports with live monitoring and alerts for Test Analytics

Have you already tried the TestOps beta version? You may want to check out our FAQs!

For your information, this launch will also include a beta version of Katalon TestOps Advanced, available for free trials. It’s an entirely new way to orchestrate your test, check it out!

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Happy testing,
Katalon Team.