Private DB on TestCloud


We are using automated scripts that send queries to our private mySQL database in order to verify data indicating successful actions on our applications.

I notice that this might become an issue when running these tests on TestCloud, as this environment is not on our network and will not be able to connect to our databases.

Has anyone run into this roadblock before? If so, is there a way around this situation or will we need to make some sort of access changes to the DB on our end?

Thank you,


You have to solve the issue with your IT/infrastructure department.
Since your DB is on a private network you have to either:

  • open / forward the needed ports from Public internet to your private network (most probably such will not be agreed by your IT team due to the security policies in place, but you can try)
  • don’t use TestCloud but run your tests on a CI environment hosted also behind the firewall (on your private network)

Hi @aholmes

Thanks for the question. Right now we haven’t supported that capability that yet. We do have TestCloud tunnel which is used to connect to private websites but it’s not supporting the use case where tests are connecting to a private DB yet. We’re working on this and we’ll inform you when there’s any new update.