Possible to use variables with selectFrame?

Hi there,

I am trying to automate a form across multiple webpages, and in doing so the frame changes between them.

Is it possible to store the index value of selectFrame as a variable, and update this variable to call back at a later point?

example of my code(pseudo);
store - 0 - frameNumber
selectFrame - index=${frameNumber}
if (${!LastCommandOK])
type, submit form
parseInt(${frameNumber}) + 1

however in doing so, I receive the error ‘invalid argument’ for the initial 'selectFrame - index=${frameNumber}

Is it possible to call a variable in place of the index value? is there a better way to execute?

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Thank you for the feedback. We will release version 3.4.11 this week to address this issue.

We’ve released 3.4.11 with support for parameters inside selectFrame’s target.

I notice the use of “LastCommandOK” in the example. Katalon Recorder does not support that at this moment.