Parsing String to Integer Library Issue

I am basically parsing a string to integer in my code as:

String s = “1234”
int x = Integer.parseInt(s)

During debugging, I get this error:

Do I really import a jar file to convert from string to integer?


After looking into Groovy options instead of using Java found out this and fixed this.

String s = “123”
int x = s as Integer

But still surprised that I thought Katalon would not throw that error.

Here is a Stackoverflow thread similar to yours:

A few workarounds are proposed there.

This is not an error at all.
You just unintentionally called for the source code of the java.lang.Integer class. So Eclipse tried to find the source but the jar file of java runtime library was not attached to the project, therefore Eclipse showed the “Class File Editor” with text of apologies why it could not bring the source of the class visible. Nothing important. You can just ignore it.

You don’t need it at all.

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