[Open Discussion] How are you organizing your test suite collections?

yet again… not exactly.
by design, i will make my test suites to be mutually independent by functionality.
the same principle i will apply for testcases, as much as possible (clearly segregate called teatcases from ‘main’ testcases… i may name the called one ‘helpers’ )
therefore, i will use the collection only as a wrapper top of the suites, all having some default environment set for development purposes (local run) , which i will further override from CI, based on the needs.
so for each environment subject to test i will create dedicated CI jobs and testrail runs under the current milestone.
as mentioned, i will do parallelization from ci by properly setting needed nodes and right scheduling.
for the money/resources/licences needed i dont care, it is the bussiness manager to approve or not.
reliability came at a cost.

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I agree on the topic of acronyms- they mean many different things and also don’t always translate correctly.