Offline activation code without logging on to

Hi team,

As part of our Jenkins Pipeline, we created a job to “Install Katalon” in any server. Usually these servers are not connected to the Internet (not even proxies will help as its company policy).
The next job is to “Execute Katalon test suite”.
We want these jobs to run simultaneously as part of a bigger pipeline without human intervention.

The problem is that it is not possible as we need to manually enter the offline activation code between the completion of “Install Katalon” job and before the start of “Execute Katalon test suite”.

Is there a way we can automate the generation of the offline activation code without logging on to and copy the code from the katalon website?

The Katalon account will never change (fixed) but it is just done totally offline. The current process in katalon is that you still need to log on to the website to generate the offline code.

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Any solution? I m facing the same issue

Sorry i am no longer actively using Katalon due to their licensing costs as opposed to other open-source tools such as cypress and nightwatch. As such, I am unable to know if this still works.

We have the same problem