Object with same name is not abler to be clicked on multiple times

I have a button that supports a drop down menu So I click on the button once and it brings up a new page. If I try to click on the button the second time I receive an error that the object (button) is not found. However, if I have the second instance of the button in a new folder in my object repository and use that second instance in the findTestObject call. ll it is able to find and click the button. What is confusing is that when I record the object name for the button is the same in both folders of my object repository. Is there a way to solve this so that I don’t have to have to separate folders holdiname object name. Notice that I have to the a_terninology object in two separate folders to work.


They has the same name but maybe they has diferent properties like the Id so they are diferent buttons and when you record or spy objects katalon always makes new folders but you are free to move the objects to other folders and change the names (You should delete the key step with the object that you want to rename or move first).

I am facing the same issue.But button click is not working eventhough I have placed in diffrent folder. Please help me to resolve the issue.

Answering the original poster…

You absolutely do NOT need to define two copies of what is essentially the same button (but be certain they are identical in every way: tag name, xpath (if used), css (if used), etc.

If you are convinced that they are identical and your code does not work on one of them, either you are wrong (they are not identical) or, your test code is wrong.