Not using the cached files in Chrome

When I’m browsing to the URL of a test application in Chrome I can see that none of the javascript, CSS or other resource files are being loaded when inspecting the traffic using a tool such a Fiddler. When browsing to this same URL using the Chrome web driver from within Katalon, all javascript, CSS and other resource files are loaded as if it was never cached. I would really like to use the cached version, is there any way to do this?

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I am also facing the same issue, any leads on it?

When you start a browser using ‘Open Browser’ step, it will open a new browser completely without caches, cookies, v.v…

In other words, when you start a browser using new ChromeDriver(chromeoptions) or new FirefoxDriver(profile), somehow you would be able to start browsers with sepcific, prepared profile including cached contents and Cookies. The following post might be interesting:

This post is discussing about Firefox. Similar trick should be possible for Chrome as well, but the detail procedure differs.