Not able to record or spy Kobiton devices. Thowing 'Json Syntax Exception'

Not able to record or spy Kobiton devices. Throwing ‘Json Syntax Exception’

This was working fine in Katalon earlier version. There is something went wrong with the latest version. This is very urgent for us. Please help me to get it fixed.


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Hi there,

Katalon Studio earlier versions are not working as well just for your clarifications, I’ve checked all earlier versions such as 4.5, 4.6. 4.7 and so on even in 5.0, all of them pronounce the same error like your attached picture.

The main reason due to Kobiton update its API and we will have to adjust it accordingly. This require many efforts to fix and we have been awared of it, so please wait for it to be fixed asap.


Hi Vinh,

Thanks for your prompt response :slight_smile: . Even I have checked this with the earlier versions. Yes, you are right I am getting the same error. But, I am wondering what it had worked for me with 4.8 version, and I had developed few scripts with Kabiton.

However, I will wait for it to fix.

This has been fixed in Katalon Studio 5.2. So feel free to grab it and try again.

Hi, Thanks for letting me know. I have tried it and happy to see that it works fine now.

Hey Hari,

My name is Drew, and I’m the Head of Customer Success at Kobiton. Thanks for using our product! Just want to let you know that if you require any further assistance related to Kobiton, you can always reach us directly at


Hi Drew, Thanks for your message. Currently, we are in the process of evolving Katalon along with Kobiton. Certainly, I will come to you for further queries. Thanks

Hi Hari,

Thanks for your information. Glad that your issue has been resolved :).


Hi Vinh, you welcome. I have posted a ticket regarding a issue we are facing while testing web services. You could you please help me on this. Thanks

Thanks for fixing this issue and discussing the thing here. I was struggling with this for few weeks. Now I have downloaded the newer version and connected to Kobiton :slight_smile: