Not able to get the span text

I need to get the text in between span tags
i am using this code to get the span text

String APN2 = WebUI.getText(findTestObject('Object_name'))

Xpath :-//div[text()=‘+RandomPincode+’]/preceding-sibling::div[7]/span[@class=“badge transparent”]

data is getting highlighted but still not getting the data when used getText
getting the following error ```(Root cause: com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to get text of object 'Object

Hey Shiva @ShivaRaju, thank you for asking. Maybe try changing the Xpath from div[text()=‘+RandomPincode+’] to either

div[@id='insert id']

div[@class='insert class']

You can always check the documentation on Selection Methods for Web Design here for further information.

Hope this help!

Thanks for the reply
Actually i am getting this from grid , so i need to get the xpath from text only , id /class doenst work for me

You can try //div[contains(text(), ‘RandomPincode’)] to see if it works or not.

no luck actually

Like I said in your other thread, try the above xpath.

You can even use a parameter for your div counter so you can go to other div cells.

Also, you can try what @chen.lee has (about using contains), but you again have to prepare your variable for the context you are using it in, like:

//div[contains(text(), "${RandomPincode}"]...

You can try to see if it works or not.

try updating the selector with a relative XPath.

This might help :

Instead of WebUI.getText(findTestObject(“Path”)) use WebUI.getAttribute(findTestObject(“path”), ‘value’)

String text = WebUI.getAttribute(ObjectRepository.findTestObject("path/to/my/object"), "value");