No possibility to open Test Suite Collection results index.html file from disk (folder)

Hi, i am using the latest Katalon Studio version 5.3.
Cannot find the way how to open Test Suite Collection results index.html page from the disk (folder)?
At the this moment it is possible to do by UI navigating Reports → suite name → report → Export as HTML
My goal is fire up test results from cmd (windows)
I have to use script like this way to see test results after test run done

cd C:\Katalon Studio\DataDrivenTest-master\Reports

for /f “delims=” %%i in (‘dir /b /s “C:\Katalon Studio\DataDrivenTest-master\Reports\Data Driven Test Suite\Report.html” 2^>nul’) do set DATADRIVEN=%%i

echo The most recently created file is %DATADRIVEN%

for /f “delims=” %%i in (‘dir /b /s “C:\Katalon Studio\DataDrivenTest-master\Reports\DemoAut\Report.html” 2^>nul’) do set DEMOAUT=%%i

echo The most recently created file is %DEMOAUT%

for /f “delims=” %%i in (‘dir /b /s “C:\Katalon Studio\DataDrivenTest-master\Reports\DatePicker\Report.html” 2^>nul’) do set DATEPICKER=%%i

echo The most recently created file is %DATEPICKER%

for /f “delims=” %%i in (‘dir /b /s “C:\Katalon Studio\DataDrivenTest-master\Reports\DatePickerTests\Report.html” 2^>nul’) do set JQUERY=%%i

echo The most recently created file is %JQUERY%

for /f “delims=” %%i in (‘dir /b /s “C:\Katalon Studio\DataDrivenTest-master\Reports\Katalon 5.3\Report.html” 2^>nul’) do set KATALON5_3=%%i

echo The most recently created file is %KATALON5_3%

echo starting test results in a browser…

start “” “file://%DATADRIVEN%”

start “” “file://%DEMOAUT%”

start “” “file://%DATEPICKER%”

start “” “file://%JQUERY%”

start “” “file://%KATALON5_3%”


Hi Timo,

The reason you cannot open test execution reports .HTML file because Katalon Studio doesn’t generate the file automatically. You have to manually export the result HTML file as you mentioned above.

I have logged a ticket to the development stack for consideration.

Thank you for using Katalon Studio,

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Even I am looking for this feature. Html file for the test suite collection should be created by default.
Or else in the pipeline it is getting very difficult to club all the individual suite reports to mark whether the build has be passed/failed.

Checked on version 5.7.1 its still not fixed or added support.


is this fix (feature) coming in next releases?


Can anyone help me in automating launching ‘Z’ or ‘D’ drive of our system using katalon ?



and your purpose for that is?
If the purpose is load .txt file from disk then you can use java to do that like:

String path = System.getProperty(“user.dir”)+"/<yourFile.txt>";
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(path));
try {
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
String line = br.readLine();

while (line != null) {
    line = br.readLine();
String txtFile = sb.toString();

} finally {


Thanks for the response. But I am trying to launch the drive, not opening txt file.



is this any help for your probs?
This will launch calculator
Runtime runTime = Runtime.getRuntime()
Process process = runTime.exec(“C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe”)

no no no this is the help with your prob
Download AutoIT
and create your script in autoit editor (.au3) then compile it (.exe)

my test script upload file
WinWaitActive(“File Upload”)
If WinWaitActive(“File Upload”) Then
Sleep (5000)
Send ("{TAB}")
Send ("{TAB}")
Send ("{ENTER}")

In Katalon script (UI) navigate to place where you want to e.g upload file
and there execute this
Runtime runTime = Runtime.getRuntime()
Process process = runTime.exec(“C:\Users\xxxx\Desktop\AutoIT\upload.exe”)

not sure but try :slight_smile:

Any way to open the test suite collection report (*.rp) file without using katalon studio to open it ?
Or else any console command to convert the *.rp file to html file ?


I think that there’s no way to open .rp files without using Katalon,
but you can try to avoid using Katalon if you are not link your test suites to test suite collection, add you r all tests to one test suite then you are able to use cmd methods to open exact folder where to find out html page.