No option to add pop up chrome object

Good day All

I am currently learning how to use Katalon and have been at it for more or less 2 months. I struggle to capture a pop-up print (the cancel Btn). i am assuming due to it being another window or tab. any ideas on how I can capture objects such as access to cameras, print etc to Katalon ?

What is it? How does it look like? I can not see it.
Please take a screenshot and show it to us.

I hope this helps

A quote from java - How to handle print dialog in Selenium? - Stack Overflow

How to handle print dialog in Selenium?
Unfortunately, WebDriver can’t handle these (or any other browser or OS dialog). Moreover, they tend to look differently across browsers / systems / language settings, so there’s probably no definite answer. You’ll need to detect and handle every possible case in order to make it work everywhere. Your options include:

  • The Robot class, it allows you to “press” programatically anything on the keyboard (or clicking blindly) and therefore getting rid of the dialog by, say, pressing Enter or Esc. However, as told above, any advanced interaction is dependant on OS / language / printer.
// press Escape programatically - the print dialog must have focus, obviously
Robot r = new Robot();
  • AutoIt. It’s a Windows program useful for handling any system-level automation. Same dependancy as above.

That’s more or less it. If you can avoid the print dialog, try to take screenshot of the page and print it using standard Java tools.