New Edge (Chromium) has gone public

Has anyone started testing against the new Edge Chromium browser? If so, how? I don’t see a way to add a new browser to Katalon (never had to do it before).

As a workaround, I did this:

The link at “Go here” in the text resolves to this:

I am interested to hear if there is a better way.

Edge download link:

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The official MS doc about testing Edge(Chromium) and drivers.

Until someone explains how to add a browser to Katalon’s list, my workaround above is all there is.

I’ll post a cross-link to this from Suggestions/Improvements.


@Russ_Thomas It maybe because of the chrome engine they are using it is making Katalon Analytics think that execution was done using Chrome not Edge which is is not a big issue for me but just wanted to highlight that too.

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Thanks @Russ_Thomas for sharing the Info.

One quick question …

Which version of Edge Chromium did you use. (Beta, DEV, CAN)



Microsoft Edge Stable

This one:

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Hi everyone

Katalon Studio version 7.3.0 supporting Edge (Chromium) is available now. Please read our release notes for more information and upgrade.

Happy Testing