[New Course] - Working With Shadow DOM Elements Using Katalon Studio


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Our Academy team has just unveiled a new course which will teach you everything you need about Shadow DOM.

Shadow DOM is a powerful technique to encapsulate web components and improve performance and security. Hence, understanding how Shadow DOM works is essential in today’s web development landscape.

In this course, you will learn how to identify, interact with, and validate shadow DOM components in your automated test cases with Katalon Studio.

Key takeaways from this course:

  • The concept and fundamentals of shadow DOM elements.
  • Different methods to identify and create shadow DOM test objects in automated test cases using Katalon Studio.
  • Tips to overcome some limitations when using Katalon Studio for shadow DOM elements.

By the end of this course, you will master the fundamentals of shadow DOM and be able to create effective test cases with Katalon Studio.

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This course was created by our instructor Ravikanth Edamakanti (@ravikanth.edamakanti) - Senior Manager at Cigniti - who is also one of our Katalon Creators! Check out his profile below :point_down: