Nested elements Looping


Any one can help how to loop nested elements and each object should be clicked.
I’m able to loop More object in a page and I’m unable to loop Download. Only for first occurrence download is working.

We need to see your test case and the html code of the element please follow this guide

Code is working fine. But I’m getting restricted by browser alert. After downloading the first file, an multiple file allow popup is showing. If I allow that popup only, I’m able to download other files.

But if I have given accept keyword , it is not working. Could you suggest me custom keyword or any popup handle cases.

This is not the same as your original issue right ? i haven’t had the need to interact with permission pop-ups sorry i can’t help you, But maybe this will help :

I suppose you already looked at the documentation but i will link it anyway

take a look at this thread

see this reply:

hope this helps you